51/80 – London Marathon and the Rest!

I can’t believe London was only just over three weeks ago, as I’ve managed to fit in another eight half-marathon distances since. My running aside, it was an absolutely incredible day and it was great to see so many people in Dementia Revolution colours and the support stations were beyond words.

In total, the crew managed to raise over £4 million for dementia research, which is amazing. I would like to pass my thanks on to all of the charity organisers, volunteers who cheered us on, all of the other runners, and anybody else who was involved in making it such a special day.

43/80 – London Marathon [28th April]

I got caught up in the atmosphere and running with my pal David for the first half of London, which I completed in around 1hr 50mins (far too fast for somebody who had a broken leg less than six months ago and hadn’t had time to properly train up to marathon distance. At 14 miles, I was sick and never recovered. I managed to struggle through to the end and was delighted to just have finished.

I have applied to run London again next year, as I would like an opportunity to learn from the experience and pace myself a little more sensibly.

Dementia Revolution Sean McGibney

44/80 – Sunny Saturday Morning [4th May]

I gave myself a few days’ rest after London, but didn’t want to have too long out as I have 37 runs to complete over the next three months. A sunny Saturday morning was a nice way to ease myself back in, including 5km at the Pontefract parkrun.

45/80 – Rainy Bank Holiday [6th May]

What’s a bank holiday if not for running?! Rain didn’t dampen play as I ran with Lucy and the Sweatshop Runners in Castleford for part of the run.

46/80 – Cannon Hall Dash [8th May]

It’s Grim Up North Running Evening Series I. Beautiful course, with slippery trails. This was the first in a series of 3 evening 10-mile races. I have to add 3.1 miles at the start to make them up to half-marathon distances!

Sean McGibney It's Grim Up North

47/80 – Birthday Morning [10th May]

To celebrate my birthday morning, I ran a treadmill half to try out my new running shoes ahead of Leeds Half Marathon on the Sunday. They are the same brand and model I ran in two years ago, but I accidentally threw into the bin after just a few weeks… doh!

48/80 – Leeds Half with Lucy [12th May]

Lucy’s first half marathon and a sprint finish at the end! The Leeds course is great – challenging for the first 10km or so with hills, then a sustained down-hill/flat until the finish in town.

Sean McGibney Lucy

49/80 – Leeds Early Morning [15th May]

I set off just after sun-rise (hooray for summer time) to complete run 49 around Roundhay Park (and out) in Leeds before work.

50/80 – Trans Penning Trail [17th May]

A new trail to complete the half century. 30 runs to go, with 38% of my goal fundraising still to raise… the race is on!

51/80 – Pontefract Racecourse [20th May]

A steady evening around Pontefract Racecourse last night to bring up run 51 of the challenge. My legs were feeling quite tired, but I was glad that I went out and did it.

Next up, events on Wednesday and Sunday this week.

Thank you so much to everybody who has donated so far! If anybody would like to contribute, all of the money goes to funding vital research into dementia.