To be Continued…

I’ve had to put the brakes on the challenge at the end of month two due to a fall in which I broke my femur. I was sitting at 27.5% (22/80) of the challenge completed at the end of month two.

I have just got back home after 12 days in hospital. Everything took a little longer than expected after I lost quite a bit of blood during surgery, but I’m now feeling much stronger and more positive about the challenge that lies ahead.

Have been doing great the past few days and already walking with crutches. A few months of hard work ahead – lots of physio, acupuncture, and pilates, but I’m determined to re-start the challenge as soon as I am able, and also to make London Marathon at the end of April.


My surgeon has given me a 12-16 week window for full recovery, so I’m hoping to push this forward as much as possible. Of course my muscle and everything else around the bone has also taken a battering, so it will be some time until I can hit the road again. I’ll manage expectation by setting realistic short-term goals and reassessing each week.

A huge thank you to all of the medical staff who looked after me. We should do everything we can to protect the NHS as it’s an amazing institution staffed by brilliant people.

When life throws you femural nails…

Thank you to everybody who has supported me so far and I will keep you all updated on my rehab progress. Excited to see you all back out on the road soon!