15/80 Coventry, Kenilworth & Leeds

12/80 Coventry <-> Kenilworth with Dr Chris

I put a post on running tracking app Strava – which I use to track all of my runs – to see if anybody would like to join me for a run last Saturday. After each of the official events so far, I have followed all of the people who have matched the route on Strava to try and spread awareness of the challenge. Dr Chris, who also ran Kenilworth Half Marathon at the start of September, said he would drive from Leamington to join me for an afternoon run.

For anybody who has Strava, please follow my runs for pace, distance, heart rate, elevation, and other stats! There’s a link on the navigation bar of the website or search “80in8”.

It was good to talk to Chris about our training – it was actually Chris’ first time running with a partner. For me, running alongside somebody helps me to keep pace and push myself. We kept a strong pace throughout and Dr Chris managed to reach his PB – hopefully he will go on to get a similar (or better!) time at Rugby Half Marathon at the end of the month! We finished the run in a time of one hour 49 minutes.

Sean McGibney &amp; Dr Chris

I talked to Chris about how after some of my longer evening runs I wake up during the night with hot sweats. He put this down to hypoglycaemia and said I should take on a sugary drink and some slower release carbs – I find Lucozade energy usually does the trick!

I’m hoping to run with Chris again in the coming months and will look forward to catching up with him at Rugby Half Marathon later this month.

13/80 Tough Morning Coventry <-> Kenilworth

I set off on Monday morning before sunrise – my first head-torched run of the challenge! My legs felt quite tired from my run with Chris, and the “all you can eat” Chinese meal the evening before didn’t do me any favours. I completed the distance in a slower, steady pace, no doubt carrying a few extra pounds than usual!

Headtorch Morning Run

14/80 Roundhay Park, First Interval Session Built into Long Run

After speaking with Duncan of North Ridge Adventure last weekend, I decided to build an interval session into my midweek run this week. I set off at a steady pace and then after around five miles (~8.5km) I did intervals of 100, 200, 400, 800, 800, 400, 200, 100-metres at a fast pace, each interval followed by a 200-metre slow paced recovery. I really enjoyed the interval session and will try to build one a week into my sessions, as well as more hill running, as I try to improve my pace throughout the challenge.

15/80 Meanwood Valley Trail, Eccup Reservoir, Golden Acre Park

I set off first thing Saturday morning to Meanwood Valley Trail in Leeds, which transports you immediately from the city into what feels like a countryside escape! I took a wrong turn on the trail and ended up having to slide down a fairly steep bank, over some tree trunks and boggy mud to find my way back. My pace was kept quite slow throughout, but I worked out that I had completed around 55 miles in the past seven days – the most I have ever done!

Horse Meanwood Valley Trail
Me and the neigh-bours!

I am heading down south for work this week, so will look forward to some runs along the coast! Thank you to everybody who has supported me so far. Donation link here.