One Down… 79 to Go… Kenilworth Half Marathon

The challenge started today at Kenilworth Half Marathon. I was like a kid waiting for Santa trying to get to sleep last night, which showed as I set off far too fast. My third kilometre was under four minutes! Something to work on during event excitement…

Kenilworth Half Marathon Sean McGibney

I completed the course in just over one hour 56 minutes, with my first half splits significantly faster than the second. I felt strong throughout, but I am just coming off a torn MCL, so I am happy that my knee felt comfortable.

The course was beautiful; through the castle grounds and out into the country, with good support along the way. A great medal and technical t-shirt (and some other goodies) at the end – I donated the Mars Bar, though!

Feeling really positive about the coming weeks as I get the first runs under my belt. During September I’ll be running in Kenilworth (today), York, Kent, Gloucester, Mayo (Ireland) and Glasgow (Scotland). Three countries in a month, with some really exciting plans for the coming months, too!

I was also really happy to receive my first donation from somebody who had seen my challenge t-shirt on route – a man called David who ran behind me for a section and later visited the website. Thank you to David, if he reads this!

I have followed as many runners from today who did the same route on Strava in the hope that it will encourage more people to get in touch about running alongside me during the challenge. If you would like to run (or walk!) with me for a section, or a full half marathon, please get in touch.

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I am going to keep track of stats throughout the challenge wherever possible, and will find a way to formalise these. However, for now, some metrics:

Kenilworth Half Marathon Finish: 1 hour 56 minutes.

Average Splits: 5:27/km — 8:47/mile.

Weight: 78.5kg — 12.4 stone.

Resting Heart Rate: 53.

You can learn more about the 80in8 journey and my reason for starting it here.